There are many factors behind the decision to sell property. You may be moving or you may need extra cash. Some people buy and sell property as an investment.

Whatever the reason behind your decision to sell, choosing how to sell your property is just as important, and many people choose to sell their property at auction. When making this decision there are many factors to consider.

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) offers a breakdown of The Basics & Benefits of auctions for buyers and sellers, including the fact that buyers at auctions come prepared to buy and auctions provide quick disposal of property, which reduces long-term carrying costs.

Additionally, here are some other top reasons to sell your property by auction:

• Market Value — Through highly competitive bidding, sellers realize true market on the day of the auction. Bidding reflects visible market value.

• No Contingencies — Sellers set the terms and conditions of the sale at their auction and buyers make the purchase under those terms, removing the seller’s need to negotiate.

• Spotlights Your Property — The seller’s property is the focus on auction day. The market’s attention is on your property.

• Time Definite — Sellers know that once their property is sold at auction the transaction will be completed within a 30-day period, removing concerns that the sale might not go through.

• Motivates Buyers — Through the auction process has an emotional impact that increases the buyer’s desire for the property.

When the time comes for you to sell property use these factors to help you decide the best method of sale for you.

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